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smasi App

smasi - Your personal Wiki

Craftsman records his knowledge on his smartphone.

smasi - Your personal wiki

How did that work again? Collect your knowledge, information or work steps briefly and concisely as instructions directly on your smartphone.

Thanks to easy operation and well-designed section templates, you can compile your information effortlessly and neatly. This way, you won’t waste valuable time formatting text or inserting images.


The reader-friendly display mode allows you to conveniently look up the content later. It is impossible to change the content by mistake - smart and simple.

It’s worth trying out this app!

Versatile in use

This app is ideal for craftsmen, self-employed individuals, and anyone who prefers working in the workshop rather than on a computer but still wants to organize their knowledge systematically. Possible areas of application are:

Instructions of all kinds


Process descriptions


Collection of ideas and notes


Travel planning


Knowledge database (wiki)


Summary of learning content


Try out now

No login is required to use the app, and no subscription is required. All collected content is stored locally on your device. Your data belongs to you and is guaranteed to stay with you (synchronization with other devices is currently not possible).

​Get this handy tool from the corresponding app store today and try it out...

Coming soon for iPhone and iPad

With the free Starter Edition, you can try out all the features. The only restriction is that you can enter a maximum of 5 new entries. You can get the unlimited version with a one-time in-app purchase (no subscription) for 5 USD.

Hint: The app is currently only accessible in Switzerland. From 2025, the app will be available worldwide. 

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