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Software Development

Looking for a solution?

  • Do you have a great business idea for a new type of app? 

  • Or do you have repetitive work in your company that should be digitized?

  • Or are you looking for support for your own software development with Flutter or Xojo?

As a freelance software developer, I am happy to help you with the realization…

My Toolbox

Depending on the goals and requirements, I use one of the following two frameworks for software development:


Flutter is developed by Google and has quickly become a popular toolset since 2018. With a single code base, beautiful apps can be written for Android and iOS as well as for desktop applications.

In addition to many start-ups, large companies such as Ebay, BMW and Philips also use this framework.

Smart and modern.


Unlike Flutter, Xojo from 1998 is an old hand and has its strengths in the easy development of robust desktop applications for MacOS and Windows.

Although this development tool is not widely used, it can be useful if you are looking for a quick and cost-effective solution.

Simple and quick.

My Background

For 25 years, I ran my first own software company, Roth Soft AG, with 18 great employees. We maintained and distributed the school software "LehrerOffice", which was developed and continuously developed with Xojo. During this time, every second primary school certificate in Switzerland came from our solution. I was able to gather a lot of valuable experiences as a software architect and CEO. In 2020, I was able to pass my team and our customers into good hands at CM Informatik AG.

Since then, I have been able to focus on my real passion for software development again: I became familiar with the new "Flutter" framework and the corresponding "Dart" programming language. I got to know the advantages but also the quirks of Flutter. Now I offer my services and my own products with the new company 2S-Software AG.

So, now you've read a lot and it's time to get to know me. The first contact can be made via the online form or via I look forward to hearing from you!

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