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Why a new editor?

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Surely you are wondering what is the motivation for the development of new editor for editing text files, CSV files, and XML files.

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Why another new editor?

There are already excellent and well-known editors on the market, such as:

Good text Editors

  • Notepad

  • Notepad++

  • Text Editor Pro

  • TextWrangler resp. BBEdit

  • Visual Studio Code

Good CSV Editors

  • Big CSV Editor

  • Easy CSV Editor

  • Modern CSV

  • Rons CSV Editor

  • Tablecruncher

All of the editors listed are really useful programs that can be used to make one-time changes to individual files. These tools are also useful for viewing the contents of files.

However, as soon as changes need to be repeated and possibly executed in several files at the same time, you quickly realize that many editors are not designed for this.

An editor for repetitive processing

During data migrations, certain actions are often performed several times. Typically, test runs with various test data are performed before the final import can be completed. This means that files need to be reformatted and adjusted repeatedly for each stage.

With the popular editors, the necessary steps are often carried out manually. It is advised to document the actions frequently so that no intermediate step is forgotten.

This is where the special editor from 2S-Software can be of help: With our tool, the individual steps of necessary processing can be combined in a batch processing with little effort, so that the processes can be executed repeatedly. If required, functions can also be conveniently executed for several files at one time.

The special editor from 2S-Software

Our application is called "smasi CSV-Wizard" because it is not just a classic editor but a real data wizard. And "smasi" stands for smart and simple.

The following specific features are planned:

  • An assistant guides you smoothly through the selected work steps

  • You can edit multiple files in one step

  • You can bundle and combine functions in a batch process

  • You can easily automate repetitive operations

  • Batch files can be passed on and reused

  • Native program versions for macOS and Windows

Have you had similar experiences? Or what special requirements do you have? Send us an email with your ideas to


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